Training - ISM-Twin Cities

We are in the process of updating our training portfolio. Below outlines the classes available on-site or via Zoom:

  •      "Defending Against Supplier Price Increases"  (2 hours)
  •      "Best Practices in Collaborative Cost Reduction with Suppliers"  (2 hours)
  •      "Effective Negotiations" - Several options
  •      "Principles of Legal Contracting" (4 hours)
  •      "Writing a Best Practice Statement of Work" (4 hours)

If you are interested in any of these classes or have other training needs, contact Randy Christoffersen, Executive Director, or 612.801.8796.


Don't forget our monthly Professional Development Meetings!

Upcoming Events

  • December



    In a constantly shifting business environment, it’s more important than ever for organizations to benchmark their performance for sourcing and procurement processes. Yet many organizations struggle when it comes to choosing the right measures or knowing how to compare their performance against peers or competitor.

    In this presentation, Marisa Brown, APQC Senior Principal Research Lead, will highlight important benchmarking considerations for sourcing and procurement, as well as the most popular measures. She will focus on:

    ·        Setting the context for benchmarking procurement

    ·        Categories of measures

    ·        Top benchmarks and measures for procurement

    ·        Benchmarking as a process


    Sponsor: 700 ISM-Twin Cities, Inc.
    Marisa Brown
  • January



    This presentation will cover Trade and Customs Hot Topics, Current Trends and Outlook for 2022.

    Presentation Outline:

    ·        Trade Landscape – Current Trends and Hot Topics in Trade

    ·        Trade Outlook – What is on the Horizon?

    ·        Tools and Techniques for Mitigating your Tariff Impacts

    Sponsor: 700 ISM-Twin Cities, Inc.
    Jessica Libby